Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Faux tans + a Giveaway

With cold weather days upon us I have decided to giveaway this adorable scarf. I have the same one in a different color and they are actually softer than you think and I think they are so cute! Just follow my blog and comment below and you will be entered!
On another note, I have tried so many different self-tanners over my lifetime and have finally settled on the best ones that work for me. I have being so white in the winter and I also don't want to age my skin by going to tanning beds. My favorites right now are the airbrush tanners. I have used both FakeBake and Sally Hansen and they both work great. Right now I have the FakeBake brand and when I first used it I was worried because it wasn't blending in as well as I thought it should. However, if you put it on before bed and shower in the morning it all blends in and I have never had any streaks with it.


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