Monday, October 13, 2014

Greek Beauty Secrets

Wide variety of seafood, fresh fruit and veggies isn’t just one of those exclusively Greek beauty secrets but a lifestyle you can adopt as well, even if you’re not living close to the sea. Naturally and optimally balanced omega 3 and omega 6 fatty acids as well as all those vitamins and minerals found in fruits and vegetables will feed your skin from the inside, helping your body cope with many outside interferences and even develop a better tolerance to sun.
Used in hair care, skin care, mixed with sugar or salt as an exfoliant, olive oil used to be one of the best kept ancient beauty secrets! Luckily, the cat is out of the bag now and we’re all pretty much familiar with the nurturing properties of this fantastic oil. Massage it into your hair for instant repair and softness or rub it into your dry skin in case you want a natural moisturizer!
Mixed with olive oil, milk, various herbs or used alone, honey was and still is one of the most miraculous natural things you can put on your face or body. But can you believe this was one of the basic beauty tips even in ancient times? Yup, honey certainly has a long history of cosmetic usage and if you’re interested to know why apply some of it on your face right now and watch asyour skin develops that natural glow and heavenly softness after this natural yet potent mask!
Next on my list of awesome ancient Greek beauty secrets are herbal infusions, something I wrote about myself before in hopes some of you ladies would like to try a few alternative, natural hair care mixtures. Greeks made their own mixtures by seeping herbs and flowers in vinegar and oil, mixing them with beeswax as well to create pomades used for face and body.
There are many ways to use this tasty thing and by that I don’t mean just mixing it with fresh fruit, honey and nuts for a fantastic light sweet! And as great as this recipe sounds, that’s not one of those beauty tips I wanted to share with you today. Well, it is… you’re just not supposed to eat it! Greek yogurt is actually great for skin- it moisturizes, soothes, nurtures it and can even provide relief against sun burns so the next time you want a totally natural mask, do experiment with it and either use it alone or add some honey, olive oil or some of your favorite herbs!
In case you love them in your salads or Mediterranean dishes, you’ll probably have a hard time sacrificing a few to use in skin care but do it anyways and you’ll find out exactly why olives are considered one of the best ancient beauty secrets! Due to their high mineral content, anti bacterial and anti fungal properties as well as many other extremely beneficial qualities (including the ability to erase wrinkles) these tasty little treats can be used as a wonderful, rejuvenating, highly nurturing skincare treatment.
Both ancient Greek and ancient Egyptians loved the exfoliating properties of sea salt and the way it leaves their rough, sun exposed skin soft and glowing but since this post is all about Greek beauty secrets, I’ll have to put the Egyptians aside for a moment and focus on telling you all about this natural exfoliating method Greeks used. Mix it with olive oil to get a moisturizing natural peel or use alone to remove dirt, dead cells and blackheads following up with some of the wonderfully nurturing treatments described above.

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