Wednesday, December 17, 2014

Nail Polish Giveaway

My three favorite holiday nail colors from O.P.I! The deep red is "Skyfall", the blue is "Russian Navy Suede" and the cream is "Second Honeymoon". I will be giving away three of your favorite O.P.I nail colors that you love for the holidays. All you have to do is follow my blog and comment your top three favorite colors from O.P.I!


  1. Hi! I would like to enter your giveaway.

    My three favourite OPI colors are -:
    Coney Island Cotton Candy- i think the slight pink color is absolutely beautiful
    Big Apple Red-the red is so attractive
    Aphrodite's Pink Nightie-Purple is my favourite color

    PS: is the giveaway international?

    Though we dont really get OPI here i stilll love following their new collections.I really enjoy your blog too it came up on my Flipboard.

    1. Sabahat,

      You were the winner of this contest and if you e-mail me your address I can send you your nailpolish! E-mail me at your address!

    2. Heyy! OMGGG I can't believe I won! I AM SO EXCITEDDDD! I have sent you the email. Can't wait!

      Thank you :) <3