Sunday, January 11, 2015

BB Creams

I know a lot of people use BB creams but I had yet to jump on the bandwagon. I started to research different types of BB creams and what they do. I found out that there are so many different brands which is a little overwhelming What I found out:
BB= beauty balm.
Basically, it started in Asia and became popular and now it is super popular in the US.
I have always believed foundation to not be particularly good for your skin unless it is mineral based. However, BB creams actually have antioxidants and anti-aging ingredients as well as SPF. This means it nourishes and protects your face throughout the day. What I love about BB creams (other than what I previously stated) is that it also gives you coverage without feeling like you are wearing foundation.
The first one I bought is the Garnier BB Cream and it was really great. I NEED to wear foundation. I feel naked if I don't have it on and I like, not only coverage, but evenness . I also hate those "lightweight" foundations because I don't feel like it gives me enough coverage.
Here are 6 different BB Creams that I have great reviews and that fit different budgets.

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