Wednesday, January 7, 2015

Studded Vest

New Year's resolutions have always been hard for me because I usually end up making so many that it becomes overwhelming an then I forget about them. I do this in my everyday life too. For example, the more I have to do the more I feel like just laying down and doing nothing or taking a nap. So for this year I decided to just come up with one or two goals so as not to be too overwhelming and actually stick to it. The one I chose is to not overanalyze everything. I have the tendency to overanalyze EVERY. SINGLE. THING which means that I often miss out on potentially amazing moments because I'm worrying or thinking about what could go wrong. I want to live more in the moment and let go of my worries and reservations.

Studded Vest: Forever 21/boots (similar): Forever 21/Forever 21/Chambray top: Forever 21/Windsor/Leather leggings: Windsor
I realize I wear these leggings a lot but they are so comfortable and I love them. Plus they were only 15 bucks at Windsor. I probably wear them about 3 times a week.

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