Sunday, January 25, 2015

Tips for growing out your hair!

I have NOT taken very good care of my hair for the past few years between bleaching, dying, using cheap shampoo and conditioners, etc. I fried my hair using every heating product trying to curl it or straighten, etc, etc. However, I finally learned how to take care of my hair and it has grown so much! Here are some tips on how to grow your hair.
1)Brush hair from the scalp:
This stimulates your hair cells and promotes growth. I use a wire bristle brush, you can find it here: Sally Beauty and each night brush from the scalp down.
2) Vitamin E and/or Biotin
I have tried both of these and think the Vitamin E actually works better but they are both good. It also helps to promote health skin so there's a bonus! This is the kind I use: here and I take one every morning.
3) Don't use heat
Every chance I get I let my hair air dry. I know that it's not possible all the time. On the days I have to be at work I need to dry my hair because I don't have time to let it air dry. However, especially during the summer, I won't use ANY heat products on my hair. One summer I literally didn't use any blow dryer, straightener, curler, or anything and my hair grew a couple inches in those few months.
4) Deep condition
I deep condition my hair once or twice a week. You shouldn't condition your hair much more than that because over conditioning can be just as bad. I use Moroccan Oil Deep Conditioner: here and Biolage Strengthening Masque: here. I put it on in the shower and leave it for about 10 minutes then rinse it out. You can leave it on for longer (about 20 minutes) if you have more time. It's also better to rinse out with warm or cold water (not hot water) because hot water can kill the nutrients your  hair needs.
5) Heat protectant
If you have to use heat products on your hair then it is best to use a heat protectant. Just spray it over your hair before using whatever it is your using! Here are some good ones: here and here.
6) Don't trim your hair so much
I always heard that you should trim your split ends which I always followed. But if you are always trimming your split ends and your hair isn't growing fast enough then it's never going to catch up! Some people may not care about length and would rather trim those split ends but as for me, since I am trying to grow my hair, I just leave it alone and I can see the difference!
7) Use good products (not cheap products)
I use Biolage Shampoo: here and moroccan oil shampoo: here. For conditioner I use Biolage and Moroccan oil as well. I use It's a 10 leave in conditioner: here and Moroccan oil treatment: here. I have tried lots of different products and these are by far my favorites.
Happy Hair growing!

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